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The Passionate Pediatric Dentist

May 12, 2020

I finally get to sit down with Dr. Cody Mast and talk about emerging business models pediatric dentists can consider to help meet the changes brought about by the emerging DSO market. Dentistry was changing before COVID, and the economic ramifications of a nationwide shutdown will continue to be felt for sometime. Join...

Apr 15, 2020

Julie and I discuss why and how you transition your practice to a PTO system (Paid Time Off). This is a common question and Julie offers some great insights about how this works in our office. 

Nov 18, 2019

Why should we skip the vision thing? In this podcast we discuss some thought provoking ideas about why we should rethink, and challenge the paradigm of "the vision thing". What are your thoughts? 

Nov 13, 2019

In this episode we talk about "guestology". This is Disney speak for the study of your guests. If you want your organization to be successful you need to have systems in place that allow you to constantly evaluate the guest experience. 

Sep 16, 2019

How do you handle maternity leave? In this episode we discuss the answer to a question posed by one of our PDDx members. Each office needs to address this question, so listen and take notes, this is a great discussion.